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Batch Photo

September 16, 2010

The 2 Fs


Farid Iwan has finally left Malaysia on 30 August 2010 to further his study in Ottawa, Canada.

A group of budak batch went to KLIA to send him off and most importantly to say goodbye to the smallest boy in our batch who dreams big despite coming from a small kampong in Kampong Selamat, Perak.

I first met Farid during our first day in MCKK. My mother knew his mother and they were actually classmates long time ago. Many if us may not know that Farid is maybe the first boy from his kampong who went to MCKK and comfortably making his way to Canada to further his study.

There were a few times when Farid was invited by his primary school to give motivational talks to the students to make them realise about their own potentials and talents.

Here we have a living proof that although he may come from a kampong, but given with determination and hard work, he can perform better than his own peers. Congratulations again to Farid Iwan for making us proud with him. We hope that he will continue to surprise the world with more success in the coming years.


Fareez Iskandar or popularly known as Iss will continue his study at London School of Economics. He has sent the SMS telling some of us that his flight is on 17 September 2010 (Friday).

Not much to tell as he has been performing well in academics ever since from koleq. Now that he is going to LSE, one of the top universities in the world, we hope that he will achieve more and come back to Malaysia one day to give back to the society.

So that is 2 Fs for you. Farid and Fareez. Good luck and all the best!

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  1. perhaps 3 Fs?
    faisal rozimi will b in lse wif iss