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December 19, 2012

Of Nostalgia, PMR & 'Ilahi'

I am not entirely sure whether most of you have seen this but I think it is worth-watching. I did not exactly recall being among the audience in this event but I am guessing there were some of our batchmates in the orchestra team to accompany the vocals with melodious tunes. For those who feel a bit melancholic, here is a remedy to cure your nostalgia.

Of all 8 videos in the Youtube profile, I chose this one because today is the day when PMR 2012 results were announced. It is very timely for us to reflect ourselves on how much we have progressed since high school and to remind of those who have helped us along the way. The singer in this video is definitely one of those whom we should keep in mind. She is our Form 3 teacher, Ms Rohana. She taught us Mathematics. If I recall correctly, she was also a class teacher of 3 Bijaksana. A very dedicated educator who is very persistent in teaching and ensuring us to get the methods right.

On a side note, based on Facebook posts and Twitter, Koleq's PMR batch this year managed to emerge as the first in Perak with 98 students getting straight As in all 9 subjects out of 117. That is quite impressive! Good job Class of 2014! I actually forgot our overall results. Does anyone remember? Congratulations to your brothers or sisters who did very well in their PMR. To those who didn't, don't despair as PMR is not that important actually. Plus, I've been informed that the government is scrapping it out. So, don't worry that much.

Also, for those who didn't know, Amir Shah's father Mohd Shah passed away due to lung infections on Sunday. Al-Fatihah - semoga rohnya diberkati dengan rahmat Allah dan ditempatkan bersama Muslimin and Mukminin yang lain. Semoga Amir dan keluarganya tabah dan cekal menghadapi liku-liku kehidupan ini. Amin. Buat ingatan bersama-sama, sesungguhnya yang hidup itu pasti akan mati.

(Taken from Izham Ismail's Twitter)

This is merely an update post because I actually don't like to see this blog being abandoned. So I will try to make time to provide updates on anything so that all of you can read during your leisure time. In the meantime, best of luck to those who are preparing for exams and assignments. Hope to see you guys around. Cheers!

Note to the author, next time please bring your camera whenever there is batch gathering (for instance batch futsal etc) so that you can write something in this blog.


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