Batch Photo

Batch Photo

September 16, 2012

Beyond comprehension

When I was informed of his medical condition through Facebook and BBM yesterday, I was not sure on how to react. I was quite speechless. Someone who is as young as me has been diagnosed with cancer and now is undergoing a surgery. It seems to be beyond my comprehension.

Batch Iftar 2009
Fendy, Izwan, Jae, Knu

Among us, Khairul Anuar is casually known as 'Knu'. He is from Sarawak and he is now studying in South Korea. If I am not mistaken, he is pursuing a bachelor degree in engineering. He is one of the good looking guys in the batch. He was in Mohd Shah house and a very good cricket player.

Last Day in Koleq
Bob, Kudin, Knu
I still remember back in Koleq, how every Raya I used to ask him to bring back Kek Lapis Sarawak. Without fail, he would bring them back and shared them with all of us. It was just amazing. Personality wise, he is a very nice and easy-going person. 

Cheering Squad
Knu, Kudin, Aizat
Dear Knu,
We pray and hope that the Almighty will grant you strength to undergo this challenge. 
We pray and hope that the Almighty will keep you in the best health possible.
Don't fret my friend as He knows what is best for you.


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