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Batch Photo

May 28, 2010

Write My Future

Well, aku just baru lepas tengok iklan Nike Write The Future and I was wondering what will us be in the future.

In 5 years time.
Some would obviously fly sebab dapat scholarships and mostly burung sebab diorang kan lebih pandai. Sorry, aku agak racist sikit so whatever, moving on. Some just arrived back to Malaysia after spending time doing diploma and degree abroad. Some batchmates would certainly play rugby and hockey for MCOBA and these faces would usually seen during OBW. Maybe there are a few will get marry sebab terlalu obses dengan perempuan after spending five wonderful years dengan lelaki saja.

In 10 years time.
Some would succeed and some would not. Some would drive big cars and some would drive malaysian cars but all will have same problem which is BUNCIT :D. Some would work for the goverment and some will start new firms and so on. Some will follow their father's footsteps.
Only few can still play rugby and hockey well. Most would already get married and some maybe just divorced. Everyone would already work and live harmony life with their family.

In 20 years time.
Everyone would go back to Koleq to celebrate 20 years after leaving MCKK. Everyone would start telling present boys, how cool they are during their time. I'm pretty sure everyone would tell stories like this. No one could play rugby and hockey anymore. Everyone start focusing on family, work and more stuffs. So less batchmates would turn up for reunion party. Mostly would have their own children. Some are still not married, waiting for an angel to falls from the sky. Hope so.

Write The Future,

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