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Batch Photo

July 8, 2010

Pengetua Baru MCKK

The words have been going around that MCKK has finally received a new headmaster. It is officially confirmed that Encik Anand is now the new headmaster of Malay College Kuala Kangsar.

This batch knows this gentleman very well. When we entered koleq in 2004, he was the Senior Assistant of Co-Curricular Activities. Known to be very active in sports especially soccer, he spent most of his times during the Games Hour playing football with the college students. His wife, Puan Noorhayati also worked there as an English teacher.

A series of events occurred leading up to the appointment of a new principal of Malay College. A Facebook group (MCKK PERLUKAN PENGETUA BARU) was created and played the role as a pressure group demanding a new HM to be appointed.

As most of the old boys (majority were from Class of 2000 and above) signed up for that group, the school was dismissive towards the reforms which were pushed by the old boys collectively. Along the way, some of them were called as ‘kurang ajar’ or ‘tak mengenang budi’.

In fact, Fendy and Rashad who went back to koleq religiously to train debaters were also banned from entering their own school. This was all because they joined that group.

We must believe that we should not afraid to speak up our own mind if we know we are right and they are wrong. Of course, when we are pushing reforms, there must be some collateral damage.

MCKK Class of 2008 would like to extent an unwavering support towards the new HM. We believe that changes would happen and eventually our glory days would be restored soon.

Good luck and all the best cikgu!

P/S: Encik Anand is an old boy of MCKK. He graduated from MCKK in 1979.

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