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Batch Photo

June 28, 2012

Blogging: No more a trend

I still remember the day we left koleq in 2008. It was more like being chased out of koleq by the wardens on the last day. We were given strict orders that we needed to leave koleq grounds by certain timing and with loads of luggage to be packed, with parents tired travelling from different states, it was quite a rush packing in between hugging friends and savouring your finals moments in koleq and friends which God knows when you’ll get to meet them next.

I am quite sure that it wasn’t just for me that the trip back home was a great withdrawal syndrome, missing the days in koleq.

With all so much to talk about and not getting that opportunity after our final SPM paper – EST, we immediately got ourselves on the batch mailing list, created a few days after leaving koleq. By that time, Facebook wasn’t a buzz like how it is today. People were still using Friendster and Myspace and slowly moving to the new talk of social network – FB.

As Facebook may not be that famous still, it was also a new thing back then that to blog. So there goes the batchmates getting on blogspot, blogging the world especially every single memory they have left of koleq.

With the mailing list in place and the blog to retell the stories, that was how me managed to have our first gathering at Kemensah Villa, keep track with scholarships updates which in turn became one of the few batches with the most scholarship recipients and also planned a few more other activities like futsal and the trip to PICC for WOC Finale.

I recalled many of them forcing me to start blogging too but if every single person blogs about the same thing and gathering we go to, what’s really the point of blogging  then.

These last few days, I’ve been doing some housekeeping to the blog since it’s the uni semester break and I just realised how dysfunctional the blog is.

It was a mixed feeling between sad and surprised, I guess, to find most of the batchmates blogs have been deleted hence revising the list of batchmates blogroll.

Lutfi had among the most celebrated blog among the batchmates back then unfortunately, I don’t know why (haven’t checked with him) that he joins the list of Banie, Ayis, Fido and a few others of deleting the blog.

I did some extra checking myself to see whether is it just amongst ourselves that we just don’t continue blogging or it is a trend. And it turns out to be that quite some of the blogs of other batches and circles of budak koleq have been deleted and some that remains turn idle.

Not in any way being proud that this blog is still updated, well this blog is far from being alive but this somehow reminds me more of the need that this blog needs to be updated no matter how irregular the updating is.

pics from the batch gathering at Kemensah Villa

The friendship and stories we share in the 5 years we had in koleq shouldn't end just on the day the wardens chased us out of koleq or not just after a few reunions after that. It should be relived and continue to develop over time.

And if there need be a place to share and immortalize those stories then there is where the blog comes  in.
I know that many of us have been preoccupied with university life – with sports and tournaments, exams, travelling, girlfriends, activism what not but probably as the need to update the blog comes to place, probably then some of us will find the urge to update this pitiful site.

To greater and more exciting days to come, welcome back to MCKK Class of 2008

pics from trip to PICC for Finale WOC