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June 30, 2012

On the news again

It’s been around 10 days since I wrote this. I got to have a quick lunch at a mamak with him in Melawati before solat Jumaat, last week. The problem of being with a ‘celebrity’, it’s not only you don’t get to meet them often now, your short time having lunch with them is more often being interrupted with passer-by wanting to have photo with them.

Guess he won’t really pursue with his satay idea haha, he got other things in mind and pretty much the focus is on the GE.

Things may be even rough for Rough now, since he’s going against the big guns. But you very well know that you not only our support with you, you have the entire nation’s.

Good luck!


The title to this post could be a bit misleading or quite an understatement to how things have been. It is not that this is the first few times Rough have been making the news in our mainstream and alternative media but ever since he got back into politics by joining the office he is now resigning from, he has somewhat been the apple of the reporters eye where ever he goes.

My brother gave me a surprised call this afternoon. Haha he seldom calls – most of the time he texts - unless if it is something really important. And he straight away jumped to, “eh Rough dah resign ke?”

Rough been calling to meet up for lunch 3 times this pass 1 week. And heck the timing is just so bad that whenever he calls, its either I have exams on that particular day or I’m outside Shah Alam (where his office is). It rather seems that I have been busier than his hectic schedule as fast-rising politician.

So yes, Rough tendered his resignation yesterday from the office he joined 2 years ago which got so much attention from the media and indirectly brought him back into politics.

Having the privilege to work in his small office in Shah Alam, one can’t help but to wonder how could someone go through such a busy schedule continuously for the past many years and remain optimistic in everything he gets himself involved in.

Being in his office means more like being his assistant; following him for meetings, doing some little research for him and once in a while also being his driver. And if having to travel from home to Shah Alam back forth everyday could be quiet taxing, one has to be impressed how this determined fellow never gets tired. Not enough with work, having to go for ceramah, pusing satu negara!

Knowing Rough, it’s unimaginable that he’ll quit from PKR. When my brother called and told me that he quit, I very well know it’s from the office in Selangor and not the party, though my brother said otherwise.

So unlike many today who read the news, though I haven’t got the chance to talk to him about it, but genuinely as someone who quite understand what he had been through, I can be more than happy that this news is finally out today.

I guess this is a much needed break for him and as someone who has just started a family, and presumably never had much time spending time with the new family, as friend this is all happy news.

Rough once shared that he would love to start a satay business. Haha you’ll never know, this could just be the time to go with your ambition. But when Election is near, it’s probably not just wise to concentrate on satay, is it not?

The media could manipulate things, well that’s what they do. But I know Rough, we all know him. Some sensational news will not bring any harm to him, it only makes him stronger.

Have a nice break big guy, though most of us know that things wouldn’t change much still with ceramah almost every night ha ha. 

See you around.

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