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June 18, 2012

Catching up

We finally had a meet up yesterday, doing the usual thing at the usual place - futsal @ Samba.

I more than obliged to respond warmly to Iss' offer since he just got back from UK for his summer break and so much also because I find futsal as a good excuse to burn some fats. I guess after years of leaving koleq, one can't help but to seriously be concern with weight as time goes by.

Definitely yesterday wasn't the first reunion we had this year. Well, we did recall on the number of reunions we have had since, God knows when, and surprise surprise, we did have a hard time recalling those moments.

To some of us, we regard the 'official' batch gatherings (no matter how big or small it is) to be gatherings that are within Klang Valley. Ha ha don't ask why but because it is the center point and perhaps it is where most of us are (that's what we choose to think) hence why it is always seen that way.

There have been quite a number of batch gathering though at different zones of the country. I know for sure that the Johor chapter do meet every once in a while, sometimes there are gatherings in Penang and sometimes there's also in KL, just small personal ones. But to meet up to do our usual stuff - playing futsal - the last time was way back in December 2011.

Thank God, Iss is finally back, at least there's a reason to catch up again.

Are we slowing losing the camaraderie that was built in koleq?

It's hard to answer and my nudge feeling is saying 'no' but more often than not, we get too preoccupied with stuff - classes and exams, we always push get-togethers to some other time.

After months of silence, yesterday's gathering was kinda different, to say the least. I mean  not that Ammar has gone any thinner ha ha and one thing that constantly remain the same is Lutfi never fails to get injured (Lutfi has a ligament problem it seems) but a lot of us have mellowed down.

Is it a sign of age or worries we have for exams or awkwardness after the long silence; still no one knows and maybe only time can tell.

Nevertheless it's always nice catching up with the batchmates, the group of people that no matter how different our path are turning to be but still and will always share the common jokes and stories that we can always relate to.

Good luck to Ed, Bond and Am for their final exams today.

We'll wait for Ihsan to get back. Next stop - sahur di Kuale!

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