Batch Photo

Batch Photo

July 26, 2012

Sekitar Barbecue Batch di Port Dickson

It's been a while since the batch barbecue in PD. Ha ha I've been preoccupied with stuff, it's quite a challenge to get access to internet to upload videos and the blog. So here goes, a glimpse of the gathering.

1. Sintau came all the way from Penang, by public transport to attend his first batch  gathering. Sintau had never met any of our batchmate since 2008 (haha not sure if this is absolutely true).

2. Acapis made his first appearance too since 2007.

3. AJK batch dengan tak semena-menanya telah dibubarkan dengan veto Ammar.

4. Ekey tanpa segan silu me-volunteer-kan diri sebagai President Batch yang baru.

5. Barisan AJK tertinggi batch yang baru akan diberitahu di posting akan datang.

6. Afiq who just landed within 24 hours from France, managed to drop by and stayed right till the end.

7. Apparently no one remembers no. dobi D88. (haha no one in this context refers to Afiq, sbb dia sorang je hafal no dobi semua org still). And D88 belongs to Iman Haqique.

8. Thanks to Tiger and family for providing us the apartment, nasi lemak and whatever you chose not to disclose.

9. Thanks to Iss for organizing most of the part, pushing us to come, marinating the food and running the show.

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