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July 1, 2012

Speedy recovery

It's 3am and I just got home from another long day meeting a few faces of budak koleq; some familiar faces, some unfamiliar that goes back to the batch of 60s.

MCOBA had their biennial election yesterday but heck I don't wish to comment on the results.

Gave Syahmi Hafifi a courtesy call just now and made some plans for the coming barbecue at Port Dickson. It turns out that Syahmi just had an operation for his torn ligament.

I suck at Bio and have never gone through any such of injury to know what is what but hearing from how Syahmi explained and the tone of his voice, the injury does sound bad and apparently he is on crutches which he will continue be needing it for the next few weeks.

I did also mention in a few post earlier that Lutfi had the same thing too - ligament injury. According to Syahmi also, the operation wasn't a small one. Haha I may joke that Lutfi never failed of not getting injured, like almost every year but I guess the misery one has to go through an operation and the period of recovery is never an easy one.

To Syahmi and Lutfi whom I may not understand the pain you are going through, I wish and pray that you both have a speedy recovery. And take care always.

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